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Approved SLOA TimeAdded On Time
1 Term Approved1 Term Added
2 Terms Approved2 Terms Added
3 or More Terms Approved (u to 6)3 Terms Added (Maximum)

Academic Record Changes

All enrollment actions are tracked in the student information system and after the add/drop period of each semester, become part of the permanent record and transcript. Students are only permitted to act or operate during the open enrollment time frame. ARCs are processes that allow exceptions to be considered and actions to be taken to correct records when external circumstances prevent a student from acting during the appropriate time frame.

Medical Withdrawals

Graduate students who seek a withdrawal because they are ill must apply for a medical withdrawal. A medical withdrawal is considered if the student is unable to complete the semester due to a serious mental or physical medical condition. A medical withdrawal applies to all classes taken that semester. Students who request a medical withdrawal from selective classes must provide a compelling reason and documentation.

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