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Course Add, Drop and Withdrawl Petitions

Late Add

A late add is considered when a student is unable to add a course(s) by the add deadline as outlined on the Academic Calendar. It is reserved for an unavoidable delay in adding a class or an administrative error in the registration process or advising.  A late add can be requested by either a student or a program representative on behalf of a student.  If you believe there has been an administrative error on your enrollment record, please contact your program. Late adds are not usually approved beyond the second week of classes unless there are well-documented extenuating circumstances.

Late Drop

A late drop is considered if you are unable to complete the semester due to a documented extenuating circumstance, such as the death of an immediate family member, involuntary call to military service, or a documented administrative error by the university. A late drop is usually for all classes taken in the term. A late drop petition must be submitted to Academic Services within six months of the end of the term for which the late drop is sought, as mandated by the Board of Governors policy. If approved, a late drop will result in a full refund of tuition fees and the complete removal of the course from your academic record.

Late Withdrawal

A late withdrawal is considered if you can’t complete the semester because of a documented extenuating circumstance that occurs after the withdrawal deadline. For instance, being the primary caregiver of an immediate family member who becomes seriously ill or injured. A late withdrawal is usually for all classes taken in the term. A late withdrawal petition must be submitted to Academic Services within one year of the end of the term for which the late withdrawal is sought. A late withdrawal does not refund tuition fees or release financial liability. If a late withdrawal is approved by Academic Services, a grade of “WP” (Withdraw Passing) or
“WF” (Withdraw Failing) will be assigned by the instructor according to your academic performance. A “WP” has no effect on your  GPA and a “WF” is calculated as a failing grade in the GPA.

Talk to your professor before pursuing a late drop or late withdrawal petition. Your professor should be informed of your intent to change the registration status of your class(es). A late drop or late withdrawal may affect financial aid awards, student visa status, and on-campus housing accommodation.

Medical Withdrawal

A medical withdrawal is considered if you are unable to complete the semester due to a serious medical condition (physical or psychological). When pursuing a medical withdrawal you will need to work with your medical provider(s) to complete required forms regarding your medical condition. A medical withdrawal is usually for all classes taken in the term. The medical condition should have arisen during the given semester from which withdrawal is sought. If you were aware of the medical condition prior to the beginning of the semester, you must provide medical documentation demonstrating that there was a change in the condition during the semester that resulted in your inability to meet course requirements.  

How to file a late add, drop, late withdrawal, or medical withdrawal petition:

Due to student privacy policies, we can only give forms to and accept forms from the student requesting them – please do not have friends or family pick up or drop off forms. Once you have received the forms and filled them out, please submit the completed petition to our office with a photo id or mail it to us. Faxed or emailed documents will not be accepted in lieu of the originals. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that Academic Services has received the petition request.

Medical Hold Removal

If you have been placed on medical hold and are ready to return to classes, you must apply for a medical hold removal.

How to file a medical hold removal application:

Once College of Graduate Studies, Office of Academic Services receives your completed forms and supporting documents, the committee will review it on a first-come, first-serve basis. Submitting incomplete information and not providing all required documentation will delay the review of your application.

If you need the Removal of Medical Hold form, please email with your name, UCF ID and the semester you are applying to have your medical hold lifted.

Appeals of Drop and Withdrawal Petitions

The appeals process outlined below only applies to decisions made by College of Graduate Studies Office of Academic Services on Academic Record Changes.

Under university rules, you may appeal a decision on an Academic Record Change petition to the Admissions and Standards Committee, provided there is a legitimate reason for the appeal. A general dissatisfaction with the decision is not adequate grounds for an appeal.  You must submit new information and/or additional supporting documentation not originally included with your initial petition to the committee for consideration. Thoroughness is extremely important to the appeal process.

The Admissions and Standards Committee generally meets weekly on Tuesdays to review student appeals. Academic Services must receive completed appeal paperwork by the Friday before the committee meets. The committee will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the request to determine if there is a basis for an appeal. You will be notified of the outcome within a week. If the committee decides that new information or additional supporting documentation is not relevant, your appeal will be rejected. If there is a basis for an appeal, you have the option to appear before the committee at the next meeting. The committee will notify you of its decision by Email within 24 hours after the meeting.