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The opening of the Technology Commons will help students find the newest technology in a state-of-the-art study environment.

Graduate students can find the latest in computer and learning technology, group and individual study quarters, a coffee shop, a computer store and updated modular desks and furniture all in this redesigned resource center.

The goal of completely renovating Computer Center I and II was to better serve the always evolving technological needs of UCF students, faculty and staff. Computer Center I now contains the Traditional Computer Lab and conference rooms, while Computer Center II features the Collaboration Lab, the Wireless Lab, and the Technology Product Center.

“Technology Commons will cater to nearly all types of students’ needs, especially when it comes to graduate students”, says Mr. Joe Raditch, a UCF graduate student and the Marketing Specialist for the new technology hub.

For the graduates working in groups, Technology Commons offers a remarkable Collaboration Lab. Here, students can hold discussions and prepare presentations in one of three rooms containing noise-cancelling glass walls and large flat-screen computer monitors. Group study tables, spacious computer stations, and dry erase white and glass boards also allow for groups to brainstorm and collaborate. The Collaboration Lab also includes a Video Recording Lab for any of your video production needs.

Though the Collaboration rooms are currently open to all students, they will soon be reservation-only. Please visit the following link to the online form to reserve a room.

A large conference room in Technology Commons I also features movable walls and adjustable tables and is available to all UCF students upon request.

Ms. Yasmin Brady, the Technology Commons Manager, says they are exploring the possibility of making available to students video conferencing and Skype. One day, students may be able to work with colleagues oversees or participate in job interviews via live video conference.

For the more private learner, individual study space is not scarce – in the unique and quiet wireless lounge, students can plug in their laptops in one of the countless wall outlets while choosing from a variety of comfortable seating options. There are secure “Recharge” lockers for students’ notebooks and other electronics. You can also recycle your used batteries (including laptop batteries, rechargeable batteries, etc.) and old ink cartridges here. And for snacks and caffeine pick-me-ups, Seattle’s Best Coffee café is around the corner.

For students without personal laptops, the Traditional Computer Lab in Technology Commons 1 offers over 100 new Apple and Dell computers and promises to virtually always have open available workstations. The PCs are preinstalled with the statistics program SPSS, while the Macs come loaded with the digital video editing software Production Suite. For graduate students that utilize other software, UCF professors can contact the Technology Commons staff members to request installation on the computers.

Students who concentrate best in fresh air, there is a patio area outside that houses plenty of shaded picnic tables and Wi-Fi access.

For those needing to restock on school supplies, the Technology Product Center will provide student discount pricing on hardware, software, supplies and accessories. University staff discounts are even offered to graduate assistants and graduate teaching assistants for more unbeatable prices.

The Product Center is also in the process of assembling digital vending machines, where students can purchase USB drives, scantrons, markers, tape, and much more.

Along many of the inside walls are the digital media signs displaying current events around campus and within Technology Commons. These signs are open for exhibition of student-created digital media and artwork, upon approval. There are also two large touch-screen signs at the main entrance of the technology center showing maps of Technology Commons I and II, as well as the availability of computers.

Additionally, wireless printing is available from nearly anywhere on campus. Simply upload your document to https://print.techcommons.ucf.edu, and Technology Commons, which now includes Classroom 1 Lab and BA 148 Lab as well; and you will be able to print in black and white for $0.10 and in color for $0.35 per page.

“We want everyone to come and enjoy our facilities to the fullest”, says Ms. Brady. “We want feedback, too. We want to know what else students want to see here.”

The bright and welcoming collaborative state-of-the-art technology space is sure to attract all UCF students.

For more information, to reserve a conference room or to request displays on the digital signs please visit here.

For wireless printing please visit here.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – Midnight

Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday: Noon – 7:00 p.m.

Technology Commons1

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