Graduate Program Handbooks

Together, the Graduate Student Handbook and your graduate program handbook should serve as your main guide throughout your graduate career. The Graduate Student Handbook includes university information, policies, requirements and guidance for all graduate students. Your program handbook describes the details about graduate study and requirements in your specific program. While both of these handbooks are wonderful resources, know that you are always welcome to talk with faculty and staff in your program and in the Graduate College.

The central activities and missions of a university rest upon the fundamental assumption that all members of the university community conduct themselves in accordance with a strict adherence to academic and scholarly integrity. As a graduate student and member of the university community, you are expected to display the highest standards of academic and personal integrity.

College of Arts and Humanities

Creative Writing MFA

Theatre MA

Theatre MFA

College of Business Administration

College of Community Innovation and Education

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Management MSEM

Industrial Engineering MS

Industrial Engineering MSIE

Industrial Engineering PhD

College of Graduate Studies

College of Health Professions and Sciences

College of Medicine

College of Nursing

College of Optics and Photonics

Optics and Photonics MS

Optics and Photonics PhD

College of Sciences

Physics PhD

Physics, Planetary Sciences Tracks MS and PhD

Security Studies PhD

Nicholson School of Communication and Media

Rosen College of Hospitality Management