Graduate Research Forum

Graduate Research Forum

Graduate Research Forum

Graduate Research Forum 2021, a part of Student Research Week, will be held March 29 – April 2, 2021.

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Participant Criteria

Participants must be UCF graduate students enrolled in the spring 2020 term. Projects submitted must be research conducted as part of a UCF graduate program or class supervised by UCF faculty/instructors. Students may only submit one proposal as the primary author for the Graduate Research Forum.

Presentation Format
Participants will need to select the presentation format when submitting their proposal and can only present in one format (oral or poster) per year. Once proposals are submitted students cannot change presentation format.

Originality of Submissions
While papers may have previously been presented or published, the submission should be the original work of the author. If the presented paper is a result of a collaborative student-faculty project, it is expected that the majority of the research to be presented was completed by the graduate student.

Primary Author and Co-Authors
Only one presenter is allowed for oral presentations. Co-authors are permitted, but a student should be listed as the primary author on only one proposal submission. See requirements below for additional information.

Copyright Permission
Submission of your abstract implies your agreement to the following copyright permission statement:

The author licenses the University of Central Florida to publish the abstract in the Graduate Research Forum Proceedings and elsewhere as the university deems appropriate. The author retains copyright and retains the non-exclusive right to publish or license this work or any derivative.

Author warrants that he or she has the right under the Copyright Act to grant this license to the University of Central Florida and that no other person has rights to this work which are inconsistent with the author’s power to give this license and this warranty.

Note: If papers have previously been published, it is the author’s responsibility to ensure republication is permitted and to properly document previous publications according to the requirements of the original publisher.

Incomplete Projects
Scholars often present their work before their projects are complete. If you are working on a project for a class, you may not have your final results or final product by early April when the Forum will take place.

Poster Presentation Formatting and Requirements

Suggested Format

Because students from a wide variety of graduate programs participate in this event and because formatting styles can vary greatly by discipline, no specific layout or sections are required. Participants are free to format their poster in any way they would like or according to their adviser’s recommendations. Please note that while content format is flexible, all posters must still meet the requirements listed below.

However, posters are typically comprised of visual and textual content, such as tables, graphs, images, and citations, and convey information succinctly. Since posters are a common format for presentations at academic conferences and symposiums, participants may want to review examples from these events or seek out formatting examples from professional organizations in their discipline.


Oral Presentation Requirements

Judging Process

Judges for the Graduate Research Forum come from across the UCF community. Ensuring that your project is designed for an audience of educated non-experts (i.e. professors in other departments) is a good practice when preparing your presentation. The following criteria will be used by Graduate Research Forum judges to award scholarships for exemplary presentations.

Poster Presentations

Poster judges will be paired up in teams and each team of two judges will have a group of presentations to evaluate. Judges may divide the reviews as they wish, meaning presenters may only see one judge. However, each judging team will come together to choose one winner from their group.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentation judges will be paired up in teams. Each team of two judges will have a group of presentations to evaluate and each judging team will choose one winner from their group.

Poster Printing

Students are required to print their own poster. The College of Graduate Studies does not provide printing services. However, some departments do have large-format printers, so inquire with your program for details. Remember, a PDF of your designed poster will be required to be submitted by March 24, 2020. It is highly suggested that you have your poster submitted for printing well before that date.

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