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Staff Directory
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Staff Directory

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Addresses and Important Links

Campus Address

Millican Hall Room 230
4365 Andromeda Loop N.
Orlando, FL. 32816-0112

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 160112, Orlando, FL 32816-0112


Main Office: 407-823-2766
Fax: 407-823-6442

The Graduate College Deans

Elizabeth Klonoff

Dr. Elizabeth Klonoff
Vice President for Research and
Dean of the College of Graduate Studies

John Weishampel

Dr. John Weishampel
Senior Associate Dean
College of Graduate Studies

Jenson Devon

Dr. Devon Jensen
Associate Dean
College of Graduate Studies

Jennifer Parham

Dr. Jennifer Parham
Assistant Dean
College of Graduate Studies


Melanie Warren, College Budget Director
Kelli Marini, Project Manager to Vice President for Research and Dean
Michele Pozdoll, Administrative Assistant

Admissions and Recruiting

Dr. Devon Jensen, Associate Dean

General Admissions Inquiry –
Graduate Residency Inquiry –

Leben Goldman, Associate Director, Graduate Recruitment
Brandy Pieper, Associate Director, Admissions
George Fulginiti, Assistant Director, Admissions
Emily Stettner, Assistant Director, Graduate Curriculum
Chris Mucha, Coordinator, Administrative Services
Rebekah Shbeeb, Coordinator, Credential Evaluations
Adam Springer, Coordinator, Credential Evaluations
Saima Owens, Admissions Counselor, Residency
Keri Corbett, Admissions Counselor, Business Administration, Rosen College of Hospitality Management, and Health and Public Affairs
Kourtney Siano, Admissions Counselor, Sciences, Optics, Modeling and Simulation, and Medicine
Cameron Leonard, Admissions Counselor, Education
Mollie Johnson, Admissions Counselor, Arts and Humanities, Nondegree, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Nursing
Khue Duong-Rhymer, Admissions Counselor, Engineering and Computer Science, and Nanotechnology
Anthony Tufano, Receptionist
Ashley Rivera Mercado, Receptionist


Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala, Executive Director, Communications

Graduate Catalog and Graduate Program Handbooks –

Carreen Krapf, Assistant Director, Communications
Andy Torres, Web Designer

Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. John Weishampel, Senior Associate Dean
Elizabeth Smock, Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Programs

Retention, Progression, and Graduation

Student Services –
Academic Progress –
Graduation –
Graduate Residency Reclassification –

Jessica Cheatwood-Alvarez, Director, Student Services and Graduation
Elsa Nieves, Coordinator, Student Services
Lauren Murray-Lemon, Specialist, Academic Progress and Graduation
Rodel Beredo, Specialist, Academic Progress and Graduation
Morgan Reed, Specialist, Academic Progress and Graduation
Debbie Christian, Specialist, Academic Progress and Graduation
Elizabeth Cooper, Student Services Program Assistant

Funding, Professional Development, and Scholarship

Dr. Jennifer Parham, Assistant Dean

Fellowships –
Assistantships –
Presentation Fellowships –

Joy Kittredge, Assistant Director
Riva Heinrich, Coordinator
Evelyn Morales, Coordinator
Mary Bermudez, Assistantships

Pathways and ETD

Thesis/Dissertation Format Review –
Pathways to Success –
Graduate Student Center –

Nathalia Bauer, Assistant Director (Thesis and Dissertation, Pathways to Success)
Tara Levine, Assistant Director (Graduate Student Center, Pathways to Success)
Wendy Cartier, Coordinator (Thesis and Dissertation)

Information Technology

Brian Graham, Manager, Information Technology
Miguel Pellot, Systems Administrator
John Aedo, Application Development Team Lead
Brandon Counts, Programmer
Zihang Zou, Programmer
Nick Whidden, Data Reporting Team Lead
Robert Valladares, Data Warehouse Analyst
Miryana Blesso, IT Business Analyst Senior
Marie Malazarte, PeopleSoft Business Analyst