Postdoctoral Funding Resources

Postdoctoral Funding Resources

Postdoctoral Funding Resources
Postdoctoral Funding Resources

Preeminent Postdoctoral Program

The UCF Preeminent Postdoctoral Program, known as P3, targets outstanding scholars who are beginning their postdoctoral training at UCF. In coordination with principal investigators seeking postdoctoral scholars, the College of Graduate Studies provides matching support for salary (minimum annual $55,000) and benefits for two years and an additional travel allowance up to $5,000 for each scholar to advance their professional training.

The College of Graduate Studies began accepting applications for P3 in November 2016 and has since awarded support to PIs to hire 100s of new Postdoctoral Scholars across UCF colleges, institutes, and centers.

Preeminent Postdoctoral Program Funding Application

UCF Faculty interested in this special program may submit the Preeminent Postdoctoral Program Application to the College of Graduate Studies at

Short-Term Postdoc Support (STePS) Funding Application

UCF Faculty interested in mentoring a short-term postdoctoral scholar may apply using the forms below. Please choose the application that aligns with the graduation term of your student.
Spring 2024 Graduates-STePS Application
Summer/Fall 2024 Graduates-STePS Application

PLEASE NOTE: STePS and P3 are mutually exclusive, and a postdoc can only receive funding from one of these programs in their time at UCF. Please apply for the funding opportunity that suits your funding situation and your postdoc’s needs.

P3 Match Request

Faculty submitting proposals that require match may fill out this Match Request form to request a P3 to supplement your award.

PLEASE NOTE: The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs can only promise support if the match is required. If the match is not required, you may submit this form, and funding will be awarded upon notification of your award pending the availability of resources.

UCF Open Access Publishing Fund

The College of Graduate Studies will provide annual support up to $1,500/year for article processing charges (APCs) for current and recent (within one year of graduation or employment) graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. View the application for more details on the requirements and submission process.

Funding Resources and Assistance

Several funding opportunities exist for postdoctoral scholars, including awards offered through the American Association of University Women (AAUW), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Ford Foundation, the Graduate Women in Science, the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program, and others.

The Research Development team in the Office of Research helps researchers develop research opportunities and find funding for their projects. They offer training in the use of a variety of funding tools, assist with internal program submissions, conduct workshops related to proposal development, and provide pre-award advisement and proposal development assistance. More specifically, they:

Help identify funding sources

Aid with proposal preparation

Assist with searchable databases