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Health Insurance

Health Insurance Information

All students should be covered by a health insurance plan that provides a wide range of benefits at a reasonable cost. The state of Florida requires international students to have health insurance coverage that meets the state’s specific criteria if the student is enrolled in a plan from their home country or if they prefer to subscribe to a plan available in the United States.

Federal Health Care Reform

For information about the federal government Affordable Care Act and the Health Insurance Marketplace that is now open, go to

Also, please see the Healthcare Exchanges / Marketplaces Frequently Asked Questions.

UCF Health Services

UCF Health Services offers students high-quality, convenient, affordable medical care and education that encourage healthy lifestyles. Health Services includes the Health Center, Wellness Center, Pharmacy, and Dental Center.

Students pay a state-mandated health fee each semester during registration to cover the cost of basic health services. Health insurance is available for an additional cost. Office visits are free and unlimited. X-rays, laboratory, certain procedures, and prescriptions are offered at a reduced cost. Specialty clinics include travel, women’s health, allergy injections and immunizations.

Health Insurance for Graduate Assistantship and University Fellowship Students

UCF pays the premiums for health insurance coverage for qualifying university fellows and graduate assistants with appointments totaling 20 hours per week. To qualify for enrollment in the coverage, students must maintain the assistantship or fellowship during the semester associated with the coverage period(s) and be enrolled full-time in a degree-seeking graduate program. The enrollment requirement can be met by a combination of online and on-campus credit hours, not to exceed 50% online. Students enrolled in fully online programs are not eligible for the plan. Health insurance coverage is just one of many ways that UCF is supporting excellence in graduate education and training. See the Paid Health Insurance Flyer for details on the enrollment process. 

Effective Fall 2023 (August 15, 2023), the student health insurance plan is through Aetna and serviced by Academic HealthPlans, Inc. More information about the UCF Student Health Plan can be found on the Academic HealthPlans website at Navigate to Benefits and select Plan Highlight Flyers then the Hard Waiver Students Flyer for the details related to the plan. The Summary of Benefits and Coverage can also be found in the Benefits section on their website. The UCF Student Health Insurance plan is different from the State of Florida group insurance for eligible UCF employees. See UCF’s Employee Benefits Guide for more information. 

Additional resources to help you understand the coverage and benefits are provided under the Get Help section of AHP’s website. Visit for AHP’s contact information. 

2023-2024 Health Insurance Coverage Periods

Fall Assistantship or Fellowship – August 15-December 31
Spring Assistantship or Fellowship – January 1-August 14
Summer Assistantship or Fellowship – May 8-August 14

Please note that students wanting to be enrolled in the insurance plan must accept the coverage before the end of the insurance company’s open enrollment period for the semester.  Once the open enrollment period closes, we are no longer able to add students to the coverage for that coverage period.

Students receiving coverage as part of their qualifying assistantship or fellowship should not enroll themselves in the coverage. You will be enrolled directly by the UCF College of Graduate Studies as a supported student once you accept the coverage using the health insurance form in your myUCF Student Center. Creating an account yourself prior to your enrollment by the College of Graduate Studies may cause a delay in your enrollment in the coverage. 

Communications from the College of Graduate Studies and the health insurance company will be sent to the student’s campus email address and mailing address in the university records. Students who anticipate receiving health insurance coverage due to their assistantship or fellowship are advised to keep their contact information current at myUCF (

ID Card 

ID cards are usually available 3-7 business days after your enrollment eligibility is confirmed. Please note the card will not be immediately available after you accept the coverage. You will receive an email to your campus email from Academic HealthPlans when you are fully enrolled in the plan. Be sure to use your campus email when creating your account. 

Follow the instructions below to access your insurance ID card:

1. Go to 
2. Click on “Account Information” then “Aetna Member Resources” then “Aetna Student Health Site”
3. On the Aetna site, select “Get your ID Card”
4. Enter your student ID and date of birth and click “Submit”

Dependent Coverage

Students enrolled in the UCF student health insurance plan can add dependent coverage for a fee. The student is responsible for the dependent coverage costs. To do so, follow the steps below after receiving confirmation that you are enrolled in the coverage. 

  1. Go to
  2. Select Online Enrollment Periods. 
  3. Click “Enroll Dependents” under the College of Graduate Studies – Graduate Assistants and Fellows section. 
  4. Follow the instructions to enroll your dependents.

Tax Information

Please make sure that your mailing address is up to date with the insurance provider so that you receive any tax related documents each year.