Postdoctoral Scholar Hiring

Twelve-month postdoctoral scholar positions with benefits are available for appointment and renewal up to four (4) years for eligible candidates, as described in the Postdoctoral Scholar State University System Class Specifications.* There are no advertising or search requirements for these types of positions. The hiring official may simply hire the candidate of his or her choice following state and federal law, university regulations and policies, and other rules as referenced on this page.

*Under special circumstances as approved in advance by the Vice President for Research and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, these appointments may be extended beyond four (4) years.

For specific information regarding available benefits for postdoctoral scholars, please contact the Human Resources (HR) Benefits section directly for assistance or visit the HR website at

Hiring Procedures

Visit the Workday Training Catalog for information on postdoctoral scholar hiring procedures and the Academic Program Quality website for more information about transcript and evaluation requirements for postdoctoral scholars.

See HR’s website for more information about the appointment of individuals holding public office and the Employment of Relatives Form.

If an individual requires screening through the UCF Foreign Influence Screening Process, before offering the position to the individual, gather the appropriate documents and obtain the required screening approval through Workday. For additional information related to the Screening Process and the required documents, please see:

Before engaging in any graduate level activities (teaching graduate courses and/or serving as members or co-chairs of thesis or dissertation committees), the candidate must be appointed as a Graduate Faculty Scholar. To nominate a candidate for such an appointment, the hiring department must complete and submit (electronically) an approved Nomination and Appointment to Graduate Faculty and Graduate Faculty Scholars form along with a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae to the College of Graduate Studies. The nomination form and additional information regarding this process can be found at

For information regarding additional procedures, processes, and requirements specific to your area vice president (VP) or college, please contact your area VP or college personnel representative for assistance.

To search Postdoctoral Scholar positions available at UCF, visit UCF Job Opportunities.