Outstanding Master’s Thesis

The Award for the Outstanding Master’s Thesis recognizes graduate students for excellence in the master’s thesis. The focus of this award is on the quality and contribution of the student’s thesis research. Excellence of the master’s thesis may be demonstrated by evidences such as (but not limited to): publications in refereed journals, awards and recognitions from professional organizations, and praise from faculty members and other colleagues in the field.


  • Graduated from a UCF master’s program in the immediately past spring, summer, or fall term
  • Completed the master’s thesis within the past year (i.e., spring 2017, summer 2017 or fall 2017)
  • Selected as the 2017-2018 winner of the college-level award

Students can only win the university award once.

Application Requirements

  • An electronic one-page nomination letter from the chair of the department or a faculty member that discusses the thesis research of the nominee, with particular attention paid to the content cand quality of the master’s thesis. This letter should address the strengths of the thesis and its contributions to the field.
  • An electronic copy of the student’s completed and approved thesis.
  • An electronic copy of the student’s complete curriculum vita, highlighting any publication and/or recognition of the thesis.
  • A brief electronic (no more than one page) statement regarding the student’s experience in conducting the thesis, his/her interpretation of the significance of the work, and how he/she benefited from the thesis experience.
  • Electronic copies of papers authored or co-authored by the student based on the thesis.
  • Applications must be submitted electronically to your Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in your academic college.