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Alert, Temporary Change in Office of Academic Support Services, Progress, and Graduation

By: Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala on

 College of Graduate Studies Associate Dean Barbara Fritzsche is serving as Interim Director of Academic Support Services, Progress and Graduation while the college seeks to fill the position.

Below is a guide to getting help from the office-based on the most popular requests.

All graduation inquiries including, graduation policies and procedures (including ceremony and diploma questions): Name changes, Address changes, Pressures to Plagiarize course requirements, E-forms and course moves, Programs of Study: [email protected]

Grade Appeals (Golden Rule 5.016) and Program Action Appeals (Golden Rule 5.017) : [email protected]

Administrative record changes, special leave of absence, registration troubleshooting, discontinuations: [email protected]

Initial thesis/doctoral committee formation policies and processes, revisions to committees, Doctoral candidacy requirements, and faculty eligibility to serve on thesis/dissertation committees: [email protected]

Graduate petitions, academic standing (end of term academic progress, program recommendations for probation and dismissal), Conditional reinstatement plans, 9 Hour Holds,

Students active in multiple programs: [email protected]

Graduate Faculty and Graduate Faculty Scholar eligibility, Graduate Faculty and Graduate Faculty Scholar nominations, Graduate Faculty and Graduate Faculty Scholar website, Faculty eligibility to serve on thesis/dissertation committees: [email protected].

Dynamic Forms: [email protected]

Each college also has an Academic Support Services Coordinator.


Cayla Bartley, [email protected] or 823-2989


Elsa Nieves, [email protected] or 407-882-0056


Kelsey Loftus, [email protected] or 407-823-0345

Graduation and Records Related Responsibilities for all colleges

Morgan Reed, [email protected] or 407-823-4132

Project Coordinator

Lauren Murray Lemon, [email protected] or 407-823-1289

Don’t see what you are looking for? Please email  [email protected].

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