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How do I remove my Medical Hold?


How to file a medical hold removal application:

If you have been placed on medical hold and are ready to return to classes, you must apply for a medical hold removal.

  1. Complete a Removal of Medical Hold form. You and your physician(s) will need to complete the form. Your physician(s) must forward/mail the original form to College of Graduate Studies Office of Academic Services at the address on the form. If more than one physician will complete the form, you may make a copy of the form or request one from Academic Services.
  2. Write a letter of progress addressed to the committee, indicating the following:
    • How you have treated your medical condition, and your plans for continuing treatment when you return to classes, if applicable.
    • Your future plans for returning to the university, including your intended course load for the semester and your plans for academic success in these classes.

You may email your letter of progress to Gradservices@ucf.edu, submit the letter in-person to Millican Hall 230 with a photo id, or mail the letter to our mailing address (College of Graduate Studies, Office of Academic Services, P.O. Box 160112, Orlando, FL 32816-0112). Both the Removal of Medical Hold form from your physician and your letter of progress to the committee must be submitted within the application window. The application window dates are located under “Medical Hold Removal Applications” toward the bottom of our website.

Once Academic Services receives your completed forms and supporting documents, the committee will review it on a first-come, first-serve basis. Submitting incomplete information and not providing all required documentation will delay the review of your application.

If you need the Removal of Medical Hold form, please email gradservices@ucf.edu with your name, UCFID and the semester you are applying to have your medical hold lifted.