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I am an international student with an F-1 visa. I have a health insurance hold from the UCF Health Center on my student account, however, I have accepted health insurance paid by the College of Graduate Studies on the Health Insurance Form in my Student Center in myUCF and will have a qualifying assistantship. How do I get the health insurance hold removed so I can register for classes?


Once the College of Graduate Studies verifies that you qualify for paid health insurance coverage we will send notice to the UCF Health Center of your health insurance coverage and request adjustment of the health insurance hold. Please do not contact the UCF Health Center directly to remove your health insurance hold. Also, the adjustment of your health insurance hold is not immediate; it may take a couple of days, depending on when the request is received. Please contact gradassistantship@ucf.edu or Joy Kittredge (407) 823-0127 if you need assistance.