Student Handbook

Expectations of Graduate Students


  • To work responsibly toward completion of the degree in a timely fashion
  • To learn the research methods, ethical dimensions, and historical knowledge bases of the discipline
  • To communicate regularly with faculty mentors and the masters/doctoral committees, especially in matters relating to research and progress within the degree program
  • To discover and pursue a unique topic of research in order to participate in the construction of new knowledge in the chosen field and application of that knowledge to new problems/issues
  • To exercise the highest integrity in all aspects of their work, especially in the tasks of collecting, analyzing, and presenting research data


  • To obtain appropriate training, compensation, and evaluation for all instructional roles graduate students are asked to take on
  • To acquire an appropriately sequenced variety of teaching opportunities relevant to their career expectations and likelihoods
  • To devote the same seriousness to undergraduate or graduate instructional duties that they would expect from their own instructors

Professional Development and Program Progress

  • To develop, to the extent possible, a broad network of professional relations
  • To contribute, wherever possible, to the discourse of the scholarly discipline through conference presentations, publications, collaborative projects, and other means
  • To seek out a range of faculty and peer mentors that can help them prepare for a variety of professional and career roles and responsibilities
  • To take responsibility for keeping informed of regulations and policies governing their graduate studies and to complete all required paperwork and other degree obligations in a timely fashion


  • To create, in their own classrooms and laboratories, an ethos of collegiality and collaboration
  • To realize their responsibilities as individual and professional representatives of both the university as a whole and the department or program in which they are studying
  • To assist graduate student peers in their own professional and scholarly development

Expectations of Graduate Faculty Expectations of Graduate Departments and Programs