Student Handbook

Financial Matters

All fees must be paid by the Fee Payment Deadline. Graduate assistantship and fellowship students must be enrolled full time by the end of Add/Drop. The College of Graduate Studies reviews all assistantship and fellowship students for full-time enrollment requirements after Add/Drop closes and before the Payment Deadline and sends notices via e-mail to students who are not in compliance with university full-time enrollment requirements. In addition, the College of Graduate Studies continues to review assistantship and fellowship students throughout the semester to ensure they remain in compliance with university requirements to receive their financial support.

Students are responsible for completing any required assistantship hiring documents and fellowship award documents in order to assist the university in processing payments. They are also responsible for reviewing their university records (e.g., fee invoice, enrollment record, financial aid record) and reporting any discrepancies to their academic program office or the appropriate student services office.

If tuition remission (e.g., department or project payment, tuition waiver) is not recorded on a student’s Fee Invoice by the Payment Deadline, the student must pay all tuition and fees. If partial tuition remission is provided, the student must pay the remainder of the tuition owed by the Payment Deadline. Assistantship students who have questions about their tuition remission may e-mail [email protected] and inquire about the status of their tuition remission. University fellowship students should contact [email protected].

Be sure to check the official UCF Academic Calendar and the Tuition and Fees Schedule for the current academic year fees and deadlines.

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