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Student Health Insurance

UCF participates in the State University System of Florida Student Health Insurance consortium. The health insurance provider for UCF is UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, serviced by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk.

Assistantship and fellowship students must submit the Health Insurance eform in their myUCF Student Center in order to accept or decline the health insurance coverage.


Contact in the College of Graduate Studies

Jennifer Parham, 407-823-4337 or [email protected]


For all university fellowship students, the Graduate College will handle all communications to the students and enroll them in health insurance coverage.

For all assistantship students, the Graduate College will

  • Send communications via email to students who qualify for this coverage, asking them to make a decision about their health insurance coverage.
  • Provide programs with a health insurance flyer that includes instructions to students about how and when they must make their decision about this coverage.
  • Inform international students that, according to our records, their Graduate Studies health insurance coverage ends DATE (end of the coverage period). Remind them that they must have mandatory health insurance at all times and refer them to the UCF Health Services website for more information.

Regarding health insurance holds placed on international students by UCF Health Services, here are the things the Graduate College will do to help these students register:

  • Fellowship students will have their health insurance holds adjusted based on their qualifying awards.
  • Assistantship students with Fall assistantship agreements in Ready for Hire/ePAF status in the Graduate Financials System by July 15 will have their health insurance holds adjusted based on their qualifying appointments.
  • Assistantship students who do not have assistantship agreements in Ready for Hire/ePAF status in the Graduate Financials System by July 15 will have their health insurance holds adjusted once their assistantship agreements are fully approved by UCF Human Resources. If there is an immediate need to have a health insurance hold removed, programs should send notice of qualifying support and a request to adjust the health insurance hold to [email protected]. Programs should tell their students to allow 2-3 business days for the hold to be adjusted.

Requirements for Health Insurance Coverage

Graduate assistants must meet the following requirements to receive health insurance:

  • Fulfill their assistantship appointment(s)
  • Maintain full-time enrollment in the Fall and Spring terms in which they are covered and good academic standing in their degree program. Summer enrollment is not required if the student is covered in the Spring term.
  • One full assistantship (0.50 FTE, 20 hours per week) or two half assistantships (each must be at least 0.25 FTE, 10 hours per week) in these assistantship job codes:
    • Graduate Research Associate 1104
    • Graduate Research Assistant 1105
    • Graduate Assistant 1108
    • Graduate Teaching Associate 1106
    • Graduate Teaching Assistant 1107
    • Graduate Teaching Grader 1109
  • Full Resident (“in-state”) tuition remission either by waiver or department/project payment
  • Stipend amount commensurate with previous appointment averages in the program (must be at least the university minimum stipend level of $6,600 for the Fall/Spring period)

A single half (10 hours per week) assistantship does not qualify for health insurance coverage. Also, no assistantship less than half (10 hours per week, .25 FTE) can be counted in the appointments to qualify a student for health insurance coverage.


The coverage is the Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan, underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company and serviced by Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk. See the flyer on the Gallagher Student Health website for coverage details.

A student is covered for each term that he/she has a qualifying assistantship or fellowship. Assistants and fellows who qualify in Spring will also receive Summer coverage.

Students are required to Accept or Decline the health insurance offered by submitting the Health Insurance eForm in their myUCF Student Center. The College of Graduate Studies only enrolls students in health insurance coverage if they Accept it.

Fall coverage: August 15-December 31
Spring-Summer coverage: January 1-August 14

Students starting a qualifying assistantship or fellowship in the summer will receive summer health insurance coverage, from May 1 to August 14.

More Information about Health Insurance

Funding > Health Insurance

Gallagher Student Health website, insurance underwritten by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company:

Gallagher Student Health contact information:
Toll-free phone number: 1-877-535-3127
Email address: [email protected]

International Students and Health Insurance Coverage

The State of Florida requires international students to have health insurance coverage that meets the state’s specific criteria, and the UCF Student Health Insurance Plan meets these requirements. UCF places a registration hold on international students that is released only upon documentation of adequate health insurance coverage. For international students receiving paid student health insurance as part of their financial package, the College of Graduate Studies will request adjustment of the health insurance hold from Health Services.

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