Graduate Guide

Student Services and Academic Records

Advising your graduate students requires understanding academic services and records for graduate students at UCF. The Graduate Catalog publishes information regarding UCF graduate degree and certificate programs, graduate policies and procedures, and is the official source of graduate information. If you have specific questions please contact us at (407) 823-2766 or by email to the area in question below:

Academic Services

  • Administrative Record Changes and Appeals
  • Grade Changes
  • Incomplete Grades
  • Medical Withdrawals and Hold Removals
  • Special Leave of Absence
  • 9-Hour Holds
  • Registration Troubleshooting


Academic Progress

  • Thesis and Dissertation Committees

  • Academic Progress inquiries
  • Academic Standing
  • Probation Plans
  • Doctoral Annual Reviews
  • Graduate Policy Petitions
  • Graduate Status GPA
  • Prog Rec Probation and Dismissal
  • Student Services and Graduation Training (GRD001)
  • 7-Year Rule / Completion Plan inquiries                                                 


  • Appeals of Golden Rule 5.016 and 5.017
  • Graduate Student Complaints
  • Questions and concerns about the appeals processes at the program, college, or university level

 Dynamic Forms

  • Dynamic Forms troubleshooting

Advising Thesis and Dissertation Students Student Funding